SCD Diet

The Candida diet has been a complete failure. I have been taking ridiculous amounts of raw garlic and Dida tablets religiously whilst fasting on little but I didn’t find a change in my symptoms whatsoever… so I did a little more research, bought some supplements to support the immune system such as grapefruit seed extract, folic acid, molybdenum etc. and pure protein powders to heal the gut. I also discovered the SCD diet which I just love because it works well against SIBO and allows the gut to heal. It allows enough things that I don’t feel too restricted but eliminates problem foods that I wasn’t aware of. It’s made me re-think so much of what I’ve been doing so far… things like commercial yoghurt (even pure unsugared yoghurt) can be full of lactose because of the very little time it has to ferment… anyway with a little bit more education and adaption I hope I’ll be feeling better soon. I should be getting a SIBO (Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) within the next week or so and I’ll know once and for all whether SIBO is my problem. Even if SIBO isn’t the answer I think this diet is a great way to avoid foods that cause irritation in the gut and allow it to heal. Many people suffering from Crohn’s Disease and Leaky Gut also follow this diet for better health and wellbeing. Carbohydrates and starches seem to cause me such severe digestive problems which are foods eliminated in this diet but it also eliminates yeast and most sugars excluding honey and saccharine so I’d hope this helps me with any candida issue if present too.

I found this amazing website – Breaking the Vicious Cycle – It has a very thorough list of legal and illegal foods!! Please check it out.


Candida and Dida

So the latest thing I’m trying is New Nordic’s Dida tablets. I’m taking 3 a day for the first month and trying my best to eat a Paleo/Candida diet. It’s not easy… I used to love using almonds and coconut to replace grains but nuts and coconut seem to really upset my gut. I’m eating garlic, peppers, tomatoes, tuna, salmon, chicken, pro-biotic natural yoghurt, rocket, spinach, celery, cucumber, coconut cream chicken curry (occasionally), homemade tomato/veg soup but avoiding starchy vegetables like carrots, potatoes, squash. This diet is so restrictive because I’m constantly finding something else to rule out. I’m still eating fruit but mostly berries and the occasional banana and I use Stevia or Carob to sweeten things because I don’t believe in eliminating every kind of sugar. I’m going to avoid lactose like in the FODMAPS diet, sticking to soft cheeses like goats cheese or mozzarella.

So far it’s been 6 days on the diet. I am sooo gross right now. I feel very tired, my muscles are painful, I’m depressed, my condition feels as though it’s at its worst. So much bloating! I also have noticed a lot of mucus and although it’s not candida I do wonder if it’s my body finally ridding itself of the toxins. I’ve also had a stuffy nose and post nasal drip. Maybe it’s all coming out?? I sincerely hope so. I’m trying to think positive right now. This condition makes me so depressed and I often get the urge to comfort eat. ūüė¶

Have some shifts at work coming up and gosh I’m so worried about how I’m going to cope. Stress really is bad if you have candida overgrowth and well, with my condition I’m constantly anxious and stressed. I hope these tablets do wonders. I believe in you New Nordic!


Devrom, a Miracle Cure?

Devrom is an internal deodorant created to eliminate odour from flatulence and stools. I decided to try this out before and during a trip to London but the results were pretty catastrophic. Within a few days the Devrom got my pretty constipated so I had to stop taking them to loosen everything up and rid the body of all those toxins. After I did I noticed my leaking flatulence a lot and I’m still noticing it… I had a pretty horrid journey, people were obviously offended by smells but I couldn’t feel anything escaping my rectum but I’m pretty sure it was me. Had my phone stolen in train station toliet… So yet another period of humiliation, anxiety, grief.


I wouldn’t mind these experiences if they were just a one-off but they are constant. Every day is a challenge because I know as soon as I step outside the front door I will be offending all those around me. Using public transport is so hard because of area being so compact and theres nowhere for it to escape… And I’m made to feel pretty crap about myself. I start to feel like I’m less of a human being as I’m not exactly treated like a normal human being. I would just love to feel normal again. I’m doing all I can to get that back again… might even do some CBT to see if that can help my attitude because I really feel very low right now. It’s depressing and completely debilitating. Not only do I have this problem but all my muscles feel pretty awful just from a little exercise and I’m left so weak. I have nothing left…

I still haven’t got an appointment with the NHS to discuss what further action to take. I’m scared, so so scared that this will never be resolved. My boyfriend is the only person keeping me going and he lives hundreds of miles away… Will my life ever turn around????


Food Intolerances

So at the beginning of this week I sent a hair sample to the Food Intolerance Testing Group to look for any nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances.

Today I received the results back! Very prompt!

It turns out I have 22 food intolerances including potato, corn, millet, almond, egg whites, lettuce romaine, cabbage, grape, parsley and cacao. My first thoughts were… No wine or chocolate?! How can I continue living?! But actually theres still a lot I can eat and at least I know for sure that I am intolerant to some foods. This company do a money back guarantee so if I find that an elimination diet doesn’t help my symptoms and I am unhappy with these results I can get a refund so as a money-conscious person, I was very happy to try this. They also tested for intolerances to my pets and tree pollens and such things. I also discovered a high intolerance to candida which suggests an imbalance of candida¬†so although I’m not intolerant to gluten or wheat if I want to eat any bread I can only eat sourdough bread since yeast must be completely eliminated.

If anyone ever has the opportunity to get tested for intolerances I highly recommend it as it has been so enlightening and I can’t wait to start finding new recipes and starting on a new diet. I’m definitely going to avoid sugars from now on.


Paleo, The Benefits

As well as having problems with flatulence and digestion I’ve also noticed burning sensations and tingling in my arms, toes, thighs etc. I believe this is due to nerve damage which is gradually getting worse as life goes on. It will be a long time before I get a diagnosis. Months before I see a doctor at my local NHS hospital (No appointments currently available), months for tests and months before I see a Neurologist and receive treatment. It’s a terribly long process and I’ve still got to plod on through my life – Getting small jobs and studying a degree.

When I looked at the Paleo Diet’s benefits I noticed that for people with MS the Paleo Diet can be very beneficial. Because MS is an autoimmune disease it’s really important that you try to give your body the best nutrition. Autoimmunity starts with the gut, when you eat grains, dairy, seed oils, sugars and such it can really irritate the gut and start to break down the lining. Of course the immune system doesn’t like that and will then go on to attack the small intestine, other organs and body cells. By getting rid of foods that contain those ingredients your gut starts to heal and your immune system settles.

If I have an autoimmune disease I know this will slow down it down, and perhaps elevate the symptoms of it.

I also noticed that people with IBS also find that eating the Paleo diet helps their symptoms as it causes less irritation in the gut and allows it to heal. I’ve never found that IBS medication helps at all but this diet has enabled me to eliminate bloating and constipation. I’m not without IBS-like symptoms but by taking out foods that damage the lining of the gut I am allowing my gut to heal itself.

The Paleo diet may seem restrictive at first but it’s amazing how increasingly popular this diet is becoming! There are now so many recipes available online and some tempting Paleo recipe books out there!

One of my new favourite snacks is Kale Chips. Doesn’t look the most satisfying but whenever I crave some crisps (or chips if you’re from the US) I grab a couple of handfuls of Kale, toss them in some olive oil, sprinkle some sea salt over them and stick them in the oven for 10 mins on a moderate heat and when they crisp up they are ready to eat! They are absolutely gorgeous. I recall getting Chinese take-a-away with my mother some years ago and we had this crispy seaweed and I kid you not, it’s just like this! On the paleo diet it is possible to eat crispy seaweed but obviously it’s best to make it yourself using olive oil rather than seed oils.:) Both Kale and seaweed is a good source of Iron and kale is absolutely packed with vitamin C, A and contains as much calcium as you would expect from a glass of milk! Amazing huh?

I pick up a packet from Tescos at something like a quid and it will do me a week! ūüôā


Shreddies… Flatulence Filtering Underwear


When I first discovered I was leaking sulphur-smelling gas I was desperate to find a cure. Firstly I tried dieting and I found limiting sugars and carbohydrates lowered the amount of gas dramatically. On the atkins I felt that I was gas-free, but alas! I was wrong! The sulphur gases are still there and more concentrated, only the smell comes from me without me feeling anything, although on occasion I feel some small bubbles escaping. On the bright side, the low carb diet helped my IBS in some sense, I felt less bloated but my stools were and still can be a bit iffy – yuck! So whilst I tried to work out what foods to eliminate, I needed something to cancel out the smell for the mean time – I still had college to attend and it couldn’t stand the humiliation. I tried charcoal capsules but they didn’t seem to do much apart from making my stools black! And so I turned to Google and came across SHREDDIES!

Recommended by doctors, and covered by the media Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear seemed to good to be true! I read up on it carefully and after reading some wonderful reviews I decided that, although a poor student, I would spend 25 pounds on a pair of Shreddies and test them out myself! I was so excited to receive them in the post and put them on promptly, firstly over some underwear… It seemed to fit fine but I can’t detect the leaky gas too well so I assumed they must work and I wore them to work. I could still smell things occasionally but initially I dismissed them, till it was obvious to me that they weren’t working. I emailed Shreddies Ltd and was told to wash them so that they shrunk a little bit more and would fit just a little tighter. I followed the washing instructions and when dry, I wore them again – BUT still NO RESULT. I was gutted but I didn’t¬†believe it was the product that was the problem – ‘IT MUST BE THE SIZE!’ a voice said in my head! And ordered some shreddies at size XS, with encouragement from Shreddies enquiries that a smaller size would work just fine. So another 25 pounds¬†went down the drain! Again, it did not work and I complained to Shreddies Ltd but they would give me a refund only if I returned the product without it being worn! – Because they want to sell it on again obviously. So now absolutely desperate, I decided to purchase some shreddies at size XXS, which¬†I think I could only purchase in a pack of 3 or 5. So I spent 75 pounds – Yes I’m an idiot, a desperate idiot- on a set of 3. Hoping! Praying! that this will work! After reading up on all the great success stories and learning about it from the media I genuinely believed it must work! On the website they promised 100% of the gas will be pushed through the filter and they backed it up with convincing evidence – How can it NOT WORK?!

One morning, I put a fresh pair on and oh I felt a bit gassy and pushed some out. It reeked! I mean really reeked! I wouldn’t have minded if it was only a small amount of the gas I could smell – like a reduction of it at least but no, none of it went through the filter. I hoped that by wearing them it would reduce some of the smell but to be honest the underwear didn’t really fit to my shape. The smallest size I could purchase was tight around my bum but the gusset was still too big – I think that is how the flatus escaped if indeed the charcoal does work to eliminate the odour. So Shreddies aren’t for everyone after all. If you have lots of money to spare give it a try but from what I’ve read on IBS forums it has not been 100% successful in helping people like me regain confidence in society.

Stay strong and keep smiling.




The very first thing I did to help myself was simply to change my diet. Between the ages of 16-18 I had tried Gluten Free and Dairy Free diets to try and rid myself of the excess farting because it was truly uncomfortable sometimes. I was so anxious in social situations as mentioned in the previous post. But let’s not digress… I found that Gluten Free and Dairy Free didn’t really do the job for me. I found that cutting out carbohydrates made a difference to the amount of gas I was producing. That was something at least. Last Summer I went to see the dietician at an NHS hospital who first told me to cut out dairy which I did for 4 weeks and when returned to say I didn’t find this helped we tried Fodmap, although she didn’t actually have any training on this diet -NHS for you! I think the FODMAP diet is really good because it doesn’t allow anything in your diet that ferments – Things like bread (unless it’s spelt or gluten-free), milk, yoghurt, cabbage, garlic, onion, apple… The idea is to eat foods low in fodmaps so everything is easier to digest. I found that wheat and sugar really irritate my gut so I was glad to cut these out. I tried following this diet for a couple of months and I found it really easy to follow because it really isn’t restrictive like the Atkins diet, which I had been following for some time too. Unfortunately for me, the fodmap diet wasn’t as successful as the Atkins because any carbs will create gas in the gut and although the fodmap diet was good for me I found that it still created gas. On a carb free diet though I have been eating a lot of vegetables like onions, garlic, dairy etc so I’ve now decided to aim for a Paleo diet.

Paleo Foods Allowed: Paleo Diet Meats, Paleo Diet Vegetables, Paleo Diet Oils/Fats, Paleo Diet Nuts,

Paleo Diet Fruits Foods Not Allowed: Dairy, Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Legumes, Grains, Fatty Meats, Salty Food, Starchy Vegetables, Sweets.

I feel that too much dairy can upset me, soft drinks and juices give me heartburn, legumes are too carby, fat, starch and sugar also aren’t good for my digestion so this seems like this will suit me. I’m going to give this a go. Wish me luck!the-paleo-diet-pyramid